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How did MUHU come about?

Around 9 months ago, our founder was sipping on a G&T and realised something. There's almost not a village, town or city in the U.K. that's not got a gin named after it!

Now we love the U.K. as much as anyone else (we're proudly distilled in one of the best distilleries in the country) but we pined for something more EXCITING in our drinks. 

And not gimmicky either... (who actually drinks that pink unicorn stuff?)

So the idea to start a line of infused spirits, each offering something extra to the drinking experience, came about. And what's more, we decided to ditch the stuff you DON'T actually want in your gin such as sugar, artificial colourings and sweeteners.

And so MUHU was born! Proudly British, but inspired by flavours and ingredients from across the world - the perfect fusion.



Our goals? We just want to create amazing experiences for our drinkers - whether that's sipping on a G&T whilst cooking up a storm or dancing til dawn in a Berlin techno club!

So why not share a MUHU and tonic with a friend today and open their eyes to a whole new world of drinks?

Contact for any MUHU related queries!